Shops, Sheds and Shelters


Shop, Shed and Shelter definition
Shop built by OK Valley Barn Builders

At OK Valley Barn Builders we build a side variety of shops, sheds and storage buildings. We build machine shops, metal shops, pole barns and sheds, horse shelters or any agricultural outbuilding you may need. Call us to discuss what you have in mind.


A custom built machine shop. Open bays for easy storage of all machinery. With build up of truss systems on the ground, it makes for a quick and safe day of roof work. Metal roof and sides on this barn ensure it will be strong for years to come.

Machine shop built by OK Valley Barn Builders

Pole Shed

Pole Barns – are a type of post-frame construction – a technique used to quickly construct sturdy, reliable structures. Post-frame construction is an engineered solution that combines efficiency and adaptability. The key aspect of pole buildings is that they’re designed with posts as a framing member, which are buried a few feet into the ground. These serve as a key to the foundation of the entire barn, which is far less than expensive and time-consuming to prepare compared to other types of construction

Pole shed built by OK Valley Barn Builders


Shelters – a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger

Small shelters provide a variety of uses from agricultural to material cover. These structures are cost effective and quick to build. Let us help you explore the opportunities that building this type of shelter on your property may provide. 

Horse shelter built by OK Valley Barn Builders